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Kyra, 51, looked lovely in a white blouse unbuttoned at the top for a softer look and with large wing cuffs.

She added a pair of high-waisted navy blue slacks and sandals.

Jacksonville (11-6 straight up) posted a 9-8 record against the spread, 5-3 on the road and 3-1 as an underdog.

With these chef tips, you might develop a new love for the kitchen Get out and get active this winter, with help from Healthi Nation's Guide to Winter!The event served as a promotion for the upcoming Lifetime movie Story Of A Girl, that Kevin stars in and Kyra directed.It's the first feature on which the star of The Closer has gone behind the camera to call the shots, and it is slated to air on the cable channel this coming Sunday.Host Kate takes you through winter activities, such as selecting right ski gear, and taking ski lessons on the hill.Have you ever wondered if common health myths are actually true? Preeti Parikh as she debunks these myths and shares the medical facts in our new illustrated series "Did you Know?

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