Romi klinger dating a man

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If viewers disliked Tina, it was because she was having cyber sex with men on the internet while sleeping next to Bette and then challenging Bette’s right to Angela once she’d had a new instafamily with Henry and his own kid.

Seems that there’s a disconnect in how Ilene sees what she creates and what fans feel when they watch it.

The problem is that Romi and even creator/producer Ilene Chaiken are suggesting that viewers and other castmates are being hateful or upset at Romi for dating men.

Well, that does not and could not ever accurately represent every lesbian/queer chick ever, but this is the one bisexual person they have on the show, and it’s truly face-palm inducing when Romi insists we’re mad at her because she’s bi.

So this is why I’m having some trouble with ‘s Romi Klinger.

On this season of the Showtime series, Romi has pretty much run the gamut of what I’d consider to be terrible bisexual stereotypes come to life.

And when it comes to who dislikes Romi for being bisexual, Ilene said she has only really heard about it from one person.“I have mostly heard from Romi directly,” she said. I feel she’s working against the women I know who see their sexuality as something other than reality TV fodder and are still being misrepresented and seen as wishy-washy bedhoppers.

I know many, just as I know many queer women, or women who don’t prefer to label themselves but date without gender or sexual restrictions.It’s offensive to “real” bisexual, queer or questioning women.I have no doubt Romi is bisexual, and I hope she’s happy with her partner, but it’s disheartening that lesbian fans of the show are being insulted and made to feel biphobic because we don’t think she’s the best one for the job.She came off as an opportunist of the worst kind, just looking for anyone who would and could love her and offer her the most attention.Myth #3: Bisexuals are more acceptable to mainstream society. Probably easier for some to digest — if they like her music, that is.

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