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The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection says that use of the phones by both pregnant women and children should be "limited".It concludes that children who talk on the handsets are likely to suffer from "disruption of memory, decline of attention, diminishing learning and cognitive abilities, increased irritability" in the short term, and that longer-term hazards include "depressive syndrome" and "degeneration of the nervous structures of the brain".I’ve had a career in entertainment for about 20 years, and knew I wanted to be a mother, with or without a significant other. I’m an independent career woman and an adult, so I was definitely excited when I became pregnant.

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If knowledge is power, then Adam Conover will have you laughing all the way to the top.

Before I became pregnant we decided to get serious and went to couples therapy.

When I became pregnant our therapist suggested that during the last 30 days of my first trimester, he and I should break away and think about the seriousness of having a baby and to avoid a miscarriage.

I wasn’t much of a dater before, but since I was pregnant it made me really evaluate what I wanted in a partner.

I was more aware of red flags and not going to jump into anything quickly since my main focus was the baby.

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