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In an article in early 1984, just before she won her first Oscar for the part, she talked about parenthood.

As for the acting career my mother had talked about, she seemed puzzlingly schizophrenic about it.

There are various exceptions, animated shows can go from 13 episodes to well over 40 episodes.

With such a vicious market, the ability to reach the episode mark is a rare and coveted thing.

They are made, and even if they get a chance on the air, the vast majority of them fail within a few weeks.

History is largely reconstructed from the records of the time, and will have gaps of information when those records do not exist or get destroyed — ancient times, when very few people wrote, and most documents are now lost (paper, papyrus and similar materials do not last forever).Another typical example is the people that were largely ignored during their lifetime and did something that gave them a place in history, as the records about an average Joe are fewer and harder to locate than those of public figures.If the unpersoning is executed poorly, it may lead to the Streisand Effect (see Herostratus under Real Life — History).When this happens because of meta reasons, for example, if there are copyrights or other laws involved and someone cannot use a certain character anymore, or because the writers have just opted to write them out with no explanation, see Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.

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