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'I slept with a different guy every two days,' Casey Donovan revealed she suffered from a sex addiction after falling victim to a six year 'catfishing' incident, when she sat down to a candid interview with Kyle and Jackie O on Monday The Australian star used dating apps to contact a string of men and after losing her virginity at age 23 in one such incident, admitted to having sex with a different person every two days in a desperate bid to escape the trauma of the six year hoax.In her recently released autobiography Big, Beautiful and Sexy, Casey reveals details of the intimate phone affair and how she believed herself to be in love with a man who was in fact an imaginary figure created by a woman she names only as 'Olga'.'I felt dirty, I felt used, I felt abused,' she confessed, saying she also engaged in 'phone sex' throughout the affair while her lover cited a string of excuses as to why they could never meet in person.People with high libidos have successful relationships and careers.Sex addicts’ high-risk, obsessive, and often expensive sexual behavior results in shattered relationships and families, job loss, and financial ruin.8. And here’s a caveat: some might read this and decide they’re not sex addicts because their careers are booming, they were happy to get out of that lousy marriage, their kids are just fine, and they don’t feel any shame.People often feel shamed for having a high libido and beyond-vanilla and/or non-monogamous sexual preferences.

Sex addicts keep secrets; they manipulate and lie to their partners.2.Bottom line: if you can’t stop having sex that hurts yourself or other people, you’re a sex addict. Resources on sex addiction and healthy sexuality: Shame – Before helming 12 Years A Slave, director Steve Mc Queen directed this wrenching, spot-on film about a sex addict descent into degradation.If you don’t believe sex addiction exists, this movie will change your – According to its web site, the Feminist Porn Conference “brings together academics, students, cultural critics, sex workers, activists, fans, and porn performers and producers to explore the intersections between feminism and pornography as well as feminist porn as a genre, industry, and movement.” The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.People with high libidos have full lives in which their sexuality is just one part.Sex addicts’ lives contract and revolve around their sexual encounters.4.

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