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He is clearly a man who relishes a challenge, which is just as well for DTVA presents him with one of Olympic proportions, which we discuss in his office in temporary buildings at the far end of the airport car park.

DTVA, along with Liverpool and Doncaster airports, was originally owned by Peel Group, a company which invests in major infrastructure developments in large conurbations.

We have to realign the business in a way which make it viable,” says Hough. “Aviation in this particular climate is far from straightforward, hence the need to adopt a broader strategy and develop other income strands from the business.

There will be competition for that funding and it won’t be straightforward.

It’s very important that the airport has a commercially viable future and therefore this extra activity is essential to retain flexibility in the sort term for the airport and in the medium term to give it that commercial and financial underpin.” And if the bid fails, is there a plan B?

This airport provides it perfectly: the accessibility, the hassle-free process getting through the airport, the opportunity to engage with local businesses and provide the routes they need. Persistently pursuing an answer to a difficult question.

“That is here and there is no reason why that can’t return the airport to a level of activity which serves those needs.

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