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But she does not like NGO da’s activities and their regular quarrels have brought their relationship into the web. Ironically the man himself was a policeman and he brings Kencho in the police station.

One day Kencho stops a man peeing at roadside as usual. The road where they argued was called the Mahatma Gandhi Road, and the policemen in the police station started to make fun of Kencho saying that it was his father’s road, his father is Mahatma Gandhi.

The film is based around the boy named Kencho, who has an encounter with the Father of the Nation through a currency note with Gandhi jis photo on it.

The curious boy is adopted by an NGO and is taught the ideals of Gandhi ji. The role of the teacher of the boy is being played by leading Bengali actor Parambrata.

Pavel maintains his film is not modelled on Rajkumar Hiranis hit Bollywood film "Lage Raho Munna Bhai".

The plot revolves around three lives - a superstar, a young director and a theatre actress - and how their coming together during the process of making a film, changes them forever. See full summary » Mishawr Rohoshyo, a thriller, is The Egyptian Mystery to be solved by detective Raja Roy Chowdhury to unearth an Egyptian fortune.

And last, but most importantly, Surojit aka Kecho Das Gandhi, it was a treat to watch him on screen, he doesn't have that charming look of Darsheel Safary, he is just another guy whom we "everday-see-in-a-busy-traffic-signal", but will surely catch your attention when he starts leg-pulling his school teacher aka Vidyadhar Swaminathan, or in the conversations with his mentor NGO da, or the outburst after getting beaten up by political Dadas.

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She was very busy that day and without listening to Kencho’s question she nods her head signalling yes. He thought that this idea might encourage Kencho to study and there was neither any harm calling "Bapuji" someone’s father. Kencho became so happy that he celebrated his son hood with others by giving them treat of kachori and ghughni.

The film, through the eyes of an innocent boy will seek to revisit Gandhi and modern society.

Its a childs way of looking at ourselves," Parambrata said.

One day NGO da sent Kencho to a school to deliver an envelope.

There he saw that children are rehearsing for 2 October in an open stage within the boundary of the school.

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