Android setsummary not updating

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This also allows the app to dynamically generate the UI with the contextual details as well as use them for other purposes like “show me offers between -0 only” or “I want to see people aged 15-25”.To achieve this, either you can definitely build your own set of Activities and layouts and manage a lot of the backend operations like CRUD all by yourself or use the Preference API to quickly build an interface that has the same look and feel as the System Settings app where you go to change all your phone settings.On Shared Preference Change Listener is sort of safe as when the Activity/Fragment is showing up on the screen its object cannot be GC’ed hence a weak reference from the preference manager won’t really matter.Now when the preference screen loads for the first time you’ll have to set some of the summaries for Edit Text Preference and List Preference for instance, so that the users know their set values.It’s even more relevant in case of List Preference so that the user knows the current without having to tap and open up the dialog to see which radio button is checked indicating his current setting.Now you won’t automatically start listening to changes, you’ll have to register your listener using As pointed out in the documentation (as well as the settings guide), when register On Shared Preference Change Listener() is called, the preference manager does not store a strong reference to the listener, hence it is prone to garbage collection.

To give you an impression of how the flow of the process goes, I have logged a few statements.Home Activity : Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 : Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 …: Home Activity(352): *** Sending at: Fri Aug 12 GMT 2011 : Activity Manager(60): Starting activity: Intent : Home Activity(352): *** Stopped service : Activity Manager(60): Displayed activity nl.jteam/.settings.Which is why you shouldn’t do this: Shared Preferences.On Shared Preference Change Listener m Listener = new Shared Preferences. and then in on Resume() prefs.register On Shared Preference Change Listener(m Listener); Although I think the use case in which we made our Preference Activity or Preference Fragment implementation implement Shared Preferences.

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