Alexander payne dating

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Road trips inevitably come up when conversing with the director Alexander Payne.

His most celebrated movie, Sideways, sees an odd couple of middle-aged men journey from one Californian vineyard to the next. Payne’s new film, Nebraska, stars Bruce Dern, who won the best actor prize at Cannes for his turn as Woody, an aging Korean war veteran living out his final years in Billings, Montana.

“I scouted for thousands and thousands of miles for over a year.

Nebraska is a pretty big state.” Payne should know, he was born in Omaha; his parents ran the Virginia Restaurant in the largest city in the State.

His dark hair and strong handsome features highlight his Greek heritage.

His paternal grandfather anglicised his family name from Papadopoulos.

He responds: “Well I don’t know if that is different now than at any other time in history or with any other people, unless you go to Bhutan and Nepal where the people are super nice.” Are they?“No, they’re just people that need to take a ride.” But a lot of people wouldn’t bother, I say.He smirks at this: “I can’t control what other people do.” Such comments pepper his conversation.“That’s what they say.” He adds, “I admire The Last Picture Show very much. There may be something similar about the setting, but that one doesn’t have a lot of laughs in it.I guess it has in common some whiff of small-town decay, but that was a period film set in the Fifties. Of early Bogdanovich, I’m a bigger fan of Paper Moon. That’s a great comedy.” Other films he watches annually are Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, Hal Ashby’s The Last Detail and either of the Charlie Chaplin classics, Modern Times or City Lights.

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