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Only then did thousands of people read, discuss and comment on his 1,500-page manifesto.

Keep up with this story and more Breivik has not forgotten the power that comes from sparking outrage.

On the afternoon of July 22, 2011, he detonated a bomb outside the prime minister's office in Oslo, killing eight people.

Two hours later, wearing a police uniform he had made, he took a ferry to Utøya, site of the youth camp run by Norway’s then-ruling Labor Party.

From the farm, in the dense forests by Sweden’s border, he planned his attack on these so-called traitors, the political elites and their children.

He wanted to spark a broad war in Europe that would end with the Christians finally defeating the Muslims.

And then he looked in the direction of the journalists and raised his right arm in a Nazi salute. One of his two lawyers already had her back to the man who murdered 77 Norwegians on July 22, 2011.

This appearance in court in mid-March was not an appeal against his conviction; Breivik was suing the Norwegian state, claiming it was violating his human rights by holding him in isolation and preventing him from freely communicating with the outside world.

The Norwegian authorities argue that he remains a threat and that solitary confinement is necessary to prevent him from inspiring or directing right-wing extremists eager to commit their own atrocities.

The second turned away as soon as he saw Breivik’s arm go up.

Breivik’s gaze was focused not on the people in the courtroom last month; he was looking at the cameras.

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